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thiamine hydrochloride cas no.:67-03-8 Vitamin B1

Vitamin b1 is also called thiamine or fight neuritis vitamins or resistance beriberi, white crystal, the presence of oxidants easily by oxidative dehydrogenation thiamine, which appear blue fluorescence under uv irradiation.By the pyrimidine ring and based on the combination of the methyl thiazole ring a B vitamin.



White crystalls or crystal powder;Have a faint, smelly, bitter taste, have led to wet, dew in the air, easy to absorb moisture.Easy to decompose metamorphism in alkaline solution.Ph 3.5 to 100 ℃ high temperature resistant, acid and alkali easy failure is greater than 5.Light and heat titer decreased.Reason should be placed in the window, cool, preservation, storage shoulds not be long.In acidic solution is stable, in the alkaline solution is not stable, susceptible to oxidation and heat damage.Reducing substances sulfite, such as sulfur dioxide can make vitamin B1 inactivation.


Product Name Vitamin B1
CAS No 83-88-5
EINECS No 201-507-1
Color White Powder
Purity 99%
Certificate KOSHER,Halal,ISO9001;IQNET
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