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Retinyl Acetate

Vitamin A acetate, chemical name as retinol acetate, is the earliest vitamin being discovered. There are two types of Vitamin A: one is retinol which is the initial form of VA, it only exists in animals; another one is carotene. Retinol can be composited by β-carotene coming from plants. Inside the body, under the catalysis of β-carotene-15 and 15′-double oxygenase, β-carotene is transformed into ratinal which is returned to retinol by the performance of ratinal reductase. Thus β-carotene is also called as vitamin precursor.

Product Name: Retinu acetate
Synonyms: Retinyl Acetate; Retinol Acetate; Retinol Acetate All Trans; Retinol Acetate, Water Soluble; Vitamin A Acetate, All Trans; Vitamin A Acetate 1500; Vitamin A Acetate; Trans-retinol Acetate
CAS: 127-47-9
MF: C22H32O2
MW: 328.49
EINECS: 204-844-2
Product Categories: Retinoids; Vitamins and derivatives; Vitamin Ingredients & Fine Chemicals; Vitamin series; Inhibitors
Purity: 99%, 98%


CAS No.: 127-47-9

Other Names: Retinyl acetate

MF: C22H32O2

Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)

Type: Vitamins, Amino Acids and Coenzymes

Grade Standard: Cosmetic Grade, Food Grade, Medicine Grade

Usage: Animal Pharmaceuticals

Purity: 99.0%, 99%, 98%

Name: Vitamin A Acetate

Packing: 1kg/bag

apperance: Yellow crystalline powder or oil

documents available: COA

Certification: ISO


-Vitamin A acetate can effectively prevent obesity, keep women slim figure.

-Vitamin A acetate is used to promote bone growth, help teeth growth, regeneration.

-Vitamin A acetate can adjust the skin and cuticle metabolic effect, can be anti-aging, and to wrinkles.

-Vitamin A can help protect skin, mucous membrane from bacteria violations, healthy skin, prevent skin cancer.

-Vitamin A acetate also can prevent nyctalopia, eyesight decline, the treatment of various eye disease, make the woman good eyes.

-Vitamin A acetate can reduce sebaceous overflow and make the skin elasticity, and at the same time, desalination spot, smooth skin.

Supply Ability:

3000 Kilogram/Kilograms per Month Greenway Provide Powder form Vitamin A Acetate CAS:127-47-9

Packaging Details:

Vitamin A Acetate, 1kg/bag;25kg/drum,or according to requirement

Port: Shanghai,or according to requirement

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